Understanding what you hear or read is of utmost importance, and the same thing applies to other people being able to understand you. We are here to help you achieve the levels of mutual understanding you are aiming for. Language shouldn't be an obstacle – it should serve as a link - a means of communication both in business and personal life; a vehicle for grasping and reaching your goals, as well as for the clear and simple sharing of ideas. Put your trust in linguists, language and communication specialists, translators and interpreters with years of experience.


Are you planning a meeting, seminar, press conference or a trip abroad and need an interpreter? We can help you make the best choice. Most of our interpreters have over 10 years of experience working in Serbia and abroad. They know the terminology, they are masters of their languages, and can easily adapt to the speaker. Our associates are experts in law (with work experience in The Hague, Strasbourg, and Brussels), medical science (our portfolio includes numerous international events and conventions), alternative (traditional) medicine, economy, finance, automotive industry, environmental protection, psychology, Buddhism, and many other areas.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This form of interpreting represents the most effective method for events where time is a key consideration and when you want the listeners to hear the interpretation of the speaker's words through receivers (headphones). The interpreter talks in real time, and adding more languages is an option. The interpreters are seated in a soundproof booth, they work in pairs and switch every thirty minutes or so.

Consecutive Interpreting

The ideal choice for small-scale events, task groups and meetings, where the interpreter sits next to the speaker and interprets their utterances during pauses to the target language. Our consecutive interpreters are eloquent and comfortable with public speaking. They adjust to the length of the spoken segments and make notes in order to ensure accuracy of information.

Whispered Interpreting (chuchotage)

Whispered interpreting is a special style of interpreting which does not require simultaneous interpreting equipment. The interpreter quietly but clearly communicates everything they hear to the audience (up to 2-3 people who are positioned in close proximity). Interpreting in this form usually lasts up to 2-3 hours.

Other special services: telephone interpreting – for times when you are unsure whether you will fully understand the foreigner on the other end of the line. This type of interpreting is also among our range of services, and it constitutes a crossover between consecutive and whispered interpreting. In addition to regular telephone conversations, this service can be used for Skype and the like. Let us know what you need, and we will offer you the best solution.


We translate written materials, corporate videos, old letters or professional literature from and into all world languages. Feel free to request a free quote. Our translators are experienced professionals, often specializing in specific areas. Services to clients with their own, particular terminology are tailored to suit the instructions they give. The translation price includes editing and proofreading by a native speaker who examines the translation in order to determine its idiomatic accuracy and ensure top quality results.

Certified Court Interpreters

There are times when you need an official translation for your documents. A court interpreter's seal guarantees that the translation is identical to the original source. You receive two copies of the translation attached to the original or a copied version by a special security cord (red tape). If necessary, we can also secure a court interpreter's presence in court, city hall, registry office, etc.

Our simplified process for receiving materials saves you time – a common crucial factor in business.

At the client's request, our translators are able to work on-line in special programs (Trados or Wordfast).